"Uomo e donna.L'evoluzione delle relazioni"

Armenia- Germany- Poland- Georgia- Italy- Argentina.

EVOLUTION (from Latin ēvolūtiō "unfolding, unrolling") in its broad sense it is the synonym of development, the process of changes (mainly irreversible) in nature and society, in its narrow sense the concept evolution includes only the gradual changes as different from revolution. The term “evolution” is mainly used to denote the historical development of living organisms, defined by changeability, heredity and natural selection, accompanied by their adjustment to the environment the origination and  extinction of species,  transformation of the communities of organisms and the biosphere on the whole.

Contemporary encyclopedia

formation, establishment,       alteration, transformation, development also degradation

Dictionary of synonyms

Proceeding from the definitions given in dictionaries, evolution is a process of changes, an ability to adjust to the living conditions and have the ability to survive.

Each phenomenon, every germ of both biological organisms and human relationships needs development. Otherwise, if they do not undergo changes and development it will eventually result in degradation and extinction.

Nations consist of people and one of the most important factors of self-preservation and realization   of a prosperous nation is the  full satisfaction of each individual making up the given human society. Concentrating on the development and relationships between genders the society on the whole doesn’t have the right to impose its rules and moral principles if these rules do not contribute to the wellbeing of the individuals. If the human beings are not discretely satisfied such nations cannot be considered to be “healthy”. Following the general well-established moral principles which do not coincide with the contemporary life reality and do not allow the individual’s self-actualization, we give birth to an “unhealthy” society with seeming “wellbeing” and “high” morals. In many ways, the main factor for a “healthy” society that consists of people satisfied with their lives is the relationships that are built between a man and a woman, a wife and a husband, partners. There are many cases when the crisis in relationships between the two genders causes a more global crisis;   collapse decay of the society or emigration…

“Uomo e donna.L'evoluzione delle Relazioni” consists of several phases and aims at studying  peculiarities of relationships between the two sexes. The studies have been carried out by several artists and art critics of different age groups and from different countries, especially Armenia. The project concentrates on the existence of “rules” of the Armenian society; a society of very ancient origin, with traditions and morals which have become somehow “stiff”. The works are presented in the form of photographs, installations, objects the project also leaves some space for the spectator himself/herself to express their opinions on the given subject.

                                                                                                               Eva Harut

Babken Khachatryan. Armenia

Elena Pagel. Germany.

Paulina Kempisty. Poland.

Gohar Martirosyan. Armenia.

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