Die Realisation

Video-performance highlighting the possibilities that open with departure from the contemporary information onslaught. With that, she re-constructs her own priorities, re-discovering that what is over looked by everyday routines, but which constitutes the integral aspect of being human.

She reveals the simple, even mundane life outside the gender stereotypes, and constricts her own preconceptions in order to connect with numerous lives and societies, to claim the ownership of her present identity and to cherish every second of this process. Eva Harut attempts to break the “woman-as-supplement” cultural code—the stereotype propagated by media. She highlights the precious “now”, the time spent in the moment—the very thing that allows us to reach the future goals woven from the secondsecutive moments of “now”.

The project opened October, 2014  as the solo multimedia exhibition at the Yerevan Museum of Contemporary Art.