La Realtà - la mia mostra personale

Yerevan, Armenia 2012



La Realtà

The reality can’t be seen directly. The subconscious of the human being determines his perception, actions and sensations. There exists a literal, physical reality in which the human being lives, i.e. his surroundings, his occupation, etc, but there also exists a reality which is in the subconscious of the human being, i.e. his thoughts, his sensations, dreams, goals which are often not perceived by the people surrounding him but they are far more real and significant than his literal reality. As time passes, the reality existing in the consciousness/ subconscious of the person becomes apparent in his physical reality (following the rules of quantum physics). The world of subconscious bursts out in the form of moods, humours, aims which manifest themselves in actions and deeds.

Displaying paintings united under the name La Realtà I slightly reveal the reality which has already been a part of my consciousness for some time, I “half-open” my subconscious which characterizes me the cognizable which plays an important role in the forms, colours, textures and lines that make up my paintings. The further subconscious of the onlooker…

                                                                                 Eva Harut

La Realtà

Reality may be commonly defined as “all that exists and which surrounds us”. The concept of reality is associated with the material world, the physical world in opposition to the spiritual or inner world of a human being. Such division is a simplification, because both worlds complement and merge with each other, one conditions the other like consciousness and subconscious. Emotions, feelings, thoughts, aims, desires, dreams...Reality is a complicated sequence of events, which compose into the present, fragments of the future and thoughts that flow into the future. Reality is liquid, ever changing, hard to seize, hard to verbalize. It is an individual thing. Can it be shaped, can it be given a colour, can it be translated into the language of things?

Eva Harut’s exhibition La Realtà consists of 21 pieces of work made with mixed techniques on cardboard. The artist started to create them in December 2011. Most of the works are collages of painting, drawing and bits of hand written paper sheets. The author mainly used four colours: white, blue, red and black.

In some works random spots of paint dominate from which emerge simplified, half-abstract figures of a man and a woman. These figures don’t have features or faces since here only the feelings, the visible and invisible threads existing between them matter. Those are not dreams but the reality which the man and woman live. Red, black, white, blue reality…The hand written pieces of paper which appear here and there are filled with fragments of tenderness and reality of love.

La Realtà is an attempt of transcribing a strictly specified reality. We tread into an individual and intimate world by the means of fragmentary narration made up of torn sentences and expressive gestures. However, we do not feel strange there, because relations with another human are natural to each and every one of us.

The works of Eva Harut were created somewhere on the frontier or material and immaterial, consciousness and subconscious which constantly merge and cannot exist without the other – just like two human beings;the man and the woman.


Paulina Kempisty

Art historian

President of Performance Art Foundation ( Poland ).