La Realtà Zusammen

Moscow, Russia 2013

Exhibiting the paintings united under the title La Realtà.Zusamme, I slightly open my reality, which is a part of my subconscious, which is the embodiment of the actual reality, something internal, which acts a part in the visible shapes, colors, textures and lines. The rest is for the subconscious of the viewer.

Eva Harut

Where does the reality begin? No one can honestly say that there is a single reality for all of humanity or a particular society. It is even conceivable that the reality is inseparable from the individuality, that the desired version of reality is a unique collection of our ideas about the world. Creative work is not as spontaneous as it may seem to an outside observer, but thanks to it the unconscious gets a chance to go beyond its own limits. Thus, on the one hand, it loses its own reality; on the other hand, it becomes the impetus for the viewer to realize the part of the being, which is reflected in the artwork. The century-old tradition of the non-objective art is still relevant. During its development, the abstract art has been modified and has acquired additional meanings and nuances. It has developed its contemporary artistic language, close to conceptualism, expressing the artist’s gesture, filling the very movement, tactile contact with the surface with meaning. Conceptualism is abstract in itself, and even the appropriated objects and items of everyday reality do not carry simple and clear meanings. The language of abstract art creates some structure of the reality, appearing from the entire set of actions of the artist. Using different techniques and surfaces, collages, monotype, texts, Eva Harut creates a complete and clear cut of the reality, which excites and interests her. Each artwork from the series evokes desire to examine and to touch it. Besides, Eva has managed to absorb and transform the experience, gained during the rich history of abstract painting. Her connotations to the experiments of Kandinsky, Zlotnikov, Yves Klein make her artworks more thoughtful.

Daria Kamyshnikova , Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Moscow

Yulia Pronina, Art historican/ Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Moscow